I'd like to create a lookup from a dropdown with all unique sheet data that finds a match within any column and returns the selected row items.

Let's say that each row represents a single device with multiple components described in each column with a unique ID for all. How could I search for any ID and get all column IDs associated with that row selection?

I can do this for a specific single column or row with QUERY, VLOOKUP or INDEX, MATCH but perhaps there is a way to make this work for all without a single parent key.

Sample of Goal


You want to return a row based on a match in any cell from a dropdown value.

A query will generate the data that you need. Its design is an extension of:

=query(A2:D4,"select A, B, C, D where (A= '"&$F$12&"' or B= '"&$F$12&"' or C= '"&$F$12&"' or D= '"&$F$12&"') ",1)

In this answer:

  • Cell F12 contains the dropdown
  • where clause consists of four logical conditions (one for each column) each equal to the dropdown value in F12
  • or applies for each condition

Screenshot enter image description here

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