I am trying to create a shift scheduling sheet. On one tab I have vacation requests and on another the schedule. I want the names of those people who have vacation to pull into a cell under that date in the schedule. I ideally these would also be only the vacation requests with "Approved" status.

So far I have:

=TEXTJOIN(";",TRUE,IF(AND(C2>=Vacation!$A2,C2<=Vacation!$B2),Vacation!$C$2:$C$32, ""),"")

This is pulling over all the names, and not filtering out the dates properly, though the dates filter properly, when not using the TEXTJOIN part of the formula.

You can see my example here:

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    Does this answer your question? query all dates within the date range – Tedinoz Mar 29 at 3:26
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    Would you please summarise the research that you did before you posted this question. Filtering dates is a very well documented question. – Tedinoz Mar 29 at 3:28

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