I am wondering if it is possible to write a (JavaScript) script/extension to sort bookmarks in a specific folder in chrome by name (automatically)

What I usually do is to navigate to chrome://bookmarks/?id=2 and click "sort by name" in the top right menu which is extremely tedious to regularly doing it. I am looking for ways to simplify this task.

Goal: Sort all folders in "Other bookmarks" in chrome by name somewhat automatically

Solution 1:
A Chrome extension that can sort a specific folder by name (periodically)
but I have not found one that works, usually they sort the entire bookmark.

Solution 2:
Create a bookmark of URL "JavaScript:...." or something like that
I need help with the (java)script to sort bookmark by name in "other bookmarks" folder only.
(but seems like usersciprt can't manipulate bookmark in Chrome?)

  • Userscript can't do that for sure. It only runs inside the tab, and does not control the tab and the browser that contain it. – Tomáš Zato - Reinstate Monica Mar 26 at 12:16

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