Part of our QA process is capturing UI bugs on video and embedding these videos in bug reports. Is there a service out there that lets a group share videos in a centralized location (not individual accounts) and privately (not accessible to the public). A private YouTube channel where contributers can upload videos would be exactly what we need - but, alas, no such thing from Google.

  • Doesn't your bug reporting tool allow you to attach files to issues?
    – ChrisF
    Commented Mar 30, 2011 at 11:16
  • Yea, but it's not meant for lots of heavy files. Mainly for screenshots and log files. If we use it as a video sharing solution I'm afraid it would really strain the system (Redmine). Commented Apr 1, 2011 at 9:39

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Here is my Dropbox (DB) setup proposal :

  • each member of the QA team has its own DB
  • create a DB account "QA-team" linked with your centralized location (eg, a server of your company)
  • create a shared folder involving all QA members + server DB account
  • place screencasts in the shared folder and include a link to the internal server file when writing a bug report

Bonus: have a look at User guide to dropbox shared folder if you're interesting to make a RSS feed of the shared folder changes, or tweet each changes, etc.


I've found the perfect solution. It's called Bloomfire. They have a video capture service that works straight out of the browser, no installation necessary. And then videos are added to an internal knowledge-base type system where team members can view and comment on the videos. I find this to be a fantastic solution for QA video captures of UI bugs, especially for web UI (since capturing works straight out of the browser).

Very slick UI, too. I use the free edition and it's enough. They also have an iPhone app, so I can see video bug reports instantly as they are created. Love it.


You can upload videos to Google Docs & share them privately among a group. Google Docs has a YouTube-like video player.

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