Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has this feature where one can add a note into a formula with the N() function. It looks like this:

enter image description here

Source: Add Comments to a Formula in Excel for Your Future Reference, Lifehacker.com

Google Sheets

Does Google Sheets have a similar feature to embed notes and comments into a formula?

I'm not talking about the concatenate function which is something different than what I mean.

I'm also not talking about the "Insert comment" feature which is also different.

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You can have the same functionality in sheets as well.



=IFERROR(A1/A2,"") &T(N("comment"))



(This last one works when the formula gives numeric results)


I found that none of the solutions I found for this question worked for my specific situation, so I did some research and testing and found my own solution.

I want to add multiple comments to a formula in a single Google Sheets cell. I found I could use this function to do it:

code("Insert comment here")*0

Here's a usage example:

enter image description here

There are likely other ways to achieve the same thing (converting a string to a zero number so it will have no effect on the formula), but I stopped at the first one I found because it's all I needed.


Thanks for your code. I did a small adjustments, so the 0 will replaced with nothing.

    "NOTE: RESET Work Calculation Code"

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