Apologies in advance for not using any correct terminology as I don't actually know the best words to describe this problem.

I have two equally-sized 2-dimensional regions on a spreadsheet that have data in them, and I'd like to get that data into two matching 1-dimensional columns. Here's a small example:

example screenshot of Google Spreadsheets

Here, my input data is in B-F:2-7 and B-F:10-15, and my desired output is in columns H and I. I'm not too picky about what order the rows are in columns H and I, since I plan to do more data manipulation on them.

Of course my actual data is a LOT larger.

I have looked at this question, which seems to be similar but doesn't have an answer, and it points to this question and this question, which both seem Excel-specific and also it isn't obvious to me how they would apply to my situation.


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