In Google Drive Sheets you can use the custom header and footer tool to add custom headers and footers when you export a spreadsheet as a PDF.

I would really like to get into the footer a statement like this :

  • (psuedo code) Page - $PageNumber of $PageCount

which would output something like :

  • "Page 1 of 4".

Im aware that you can get a Page Number in there, but is there anyway i can do the above ?

  • @Tedinoz could you show me where in that page is the answer to my question, i can see there is a section on custom footers, but nothing specifically on page numbers (unless if ive missed it) – sam Apr 5 at 12:37
  • You are right - there is nothing on that page that will yield the page count. I was wrong and I apologise unreservedly. Google Docs will yield Page X of Y, but it seems that Google Sheets does not have the same ability. I also apologise for suggesting that you could have established this by a quick-and-dirty google - I was wrong. – Tedinoz Apr 5 at 22:41
  • @Tedinoz no problem, if you have downvoted the question, could you upvote it please – sam Apr 6 at 10:06

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