I need this understanding for legally scaping Wikipedia/Wikimedia from their so-called pagecounts dumps. While I am writing software, this is not a programming question. It is a question about the file format. I believe that my question does belong here but in case you believe it does not, please direct me to the right Stack Exchange site. Or to a mailing list or sommething similar.

The files are available here: https://dumps.wikimedia.org/other/pagecounts-ez/merged/

sample file that I looked at is: https://dumps.wikimedia.org/other/pagecounts-ez/merged/2019/2019-01/pagecounts-2019-01-01.bz2

It is pretty big - around 400 Mb when archived. If you were to unarchive (un-bz2) it, you would see this comment at the top of the file:

# Wikimedia page request counts for 01/01/2019 (dd/mm/yyyy)
# Each line shows 'project page daily-total hourly-counts'
# Project is 'language-code project-code'
# Project-code is
# b:wikibooks,
# k:wiktionary,
# n:wikinews,
# q:wikiquote,
# s:wikisource,
# v:wikiversity,
# wo:wikivoyage,
# z:wikipedia (z added by merge script: ...

For example the line 28 aa.b MediaWiki:Ipb_already_blocked 3 B1M1X1 is meant to convey the following (unless I made a mistake): language_code=aa, project_code=b:wikibooks, page=MediaWiki:Ipb_already_blocked, daily_total=3, 1-2AM=1, noon-1PM=1, 11PM-midnight=1

However, the above description of the file format is incomplete. I counted all the project codes in this file and in addition to b, n, q, s, v, wo and z I encountered: m, m.d, d, wd, m.m, m.s, m.q, m.b, voy, w, m.v, y and zero. Full list:

Counter({'z': 20230021, 'm': 18184241, 'm.d': 1123132, 'd': 1032908, 'wd': 667656, 'm.m': 468812, 's': 213008, 'm.s': 190193, 'm.q': 111030, 'b': 100118, 'q': 95519, 'm.b': 58849, 'n': 51576, 'voy': 36258, 'm.voy': 25983, 'w': 25506, 'v': 25045, 'm.v': 12886, 'm.n': 9851, 'y': 92, 'zero': 1})

I imagine that the m. prefix stands for mobile and voy stands for wikivoyage and perhaps zero is to be ignored, but I still do not know what these stand for: m, d, wd, w, y <= This is the crux of my question. I suspect that I would enncounter other project codes in other files but that is outside the scope of this question.

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    zero is for zero-rated Wikipedia, a type of mobile view (which doesn't exist anymore).
    – Tgr
    Commented Apr 11, 2020 at 8:09
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    Reported as T249984.
    – Tgr
    Commented Apr 11, 2020 at 8:40
  • @Tgr, many thanks.
    – Leonid
    Commented Apr 11, 2020 at 18:27
  • @Tgr, I made a small edit to the post. I never found a k in that file. Actually it looks like I never found a wo either. The string representation of the Conter object (essentually a str->int dict) is posted in its entirety. This is in reference to a comment in phabricator T249984 "The StackExchange question says they found occurrences of k but I haven't found any. d is the correct code for Wiktionary.". Just wanted to make my bug report less confusing.
    – Leonid
    Commented May 2, 2020 at 3:55
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    Not sure there was a real resolution, other than the pointer to meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Learning_patterns/… which seems pretty detailed.
    – Tgr
    Commented Feb 12, 2021 at 23:18

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m, d, wd, w are all shortcuts to Wikimedia sister sites

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