I have a Google form which I use to populate a Google docs from a certain template whenever a new response is submitted. In order to achieve this, I have written this script, but it is not working and showing this error TypeError: Cannot read property 'values' of undefined (line 3, file "Code"):

function createdocs(e) {

  var Contracttype = e.values[1];
  var Partnername = e.values[2];
  var Bankname = e.values[3];
  var Accountnumber = e.values[4];
  var TIN = e.values[5];
  var Bankcode = e.values[6];
  var Businesscode = e.values[7];
  var Phone = e.values[8];
  var Director = e.values[9];
  var Contractstartingdate = e.values[10];
  var Contractendingdate = e.values[11];
  var EmailAddress = e.values[12];

  var file = DriveApp.getFileById('10lZQhmbocTOmvGwklYnHNvXbdGXDmpbgFbvcnu67G7c'); 
  var folder = DriveApp.getFolderById('1O6QJZ5gRRoSUeolcVvKlMe65Wdb4rz9z')
  var copy = file.makeCopy(Partnername + ',' + Contractstartingdate, folder); 
  var doc = DocumentApp.openById(copy.getId()); 
  var body = doc.getBody(); 

  body.replaceText('{{Partner name}}', Partnername);  
  body.replaceText('{{Bank name}}', Bankname);
  body.replaceText('{{Account number}}', Accountnumber);
  body.replaceText('{{TIN}}', TIN);
  body.replaceText('{{Bank code}}', Bankcode);
  body.replaceText('{{Business code}}', Businesscode);
  body.replaceText('{{Phone}}', Phone);
  body.replaceText('{{Director}}', Director);
  body.replaceText('{{Contract starting date}}', Contractstartingdate);
  body.replaceText('{{Contract ending date}}', Contractendingdate);


I have used a youtube tutorial for this purpose and followed every step, But I am failing, how to define values in the script, I have installed the onformSubmit trigger. But there is something going wrong Please help me with this out

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