How to end youtube live stream? Usually when started a live stream through YouTube Studio, the streaming starts but there's no option to stop it. If streaming through another service such as Zoom, ending the meeting does not turnoff stream.

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The YouTube Events (legacy) supports this. The following is an answer to already posted question but at the time of writing I just have joined this community hence does not have reputation to answer (kinda sad but at least I got to post it as self-answering Qs for others).

Step # 1: Go to YouTube Studio > Manage

Step # 2: Click on Events on the bottom right

enter image description here

Step # 3: An Event window will open. Click Edit next to your streaming video

enter image description here

Step # 4: Click Live Control Room tab on the next screen

enter image description here

Step # 5: Here you can see the Stop Streaming button

enter image description here

enter image description here

Step # 6: Now back on YouTube Studio, you can see the streaming has been stopped

enter image description here

Note that this is working till 15 April 2020 and since YouTube Events are going away, this might not be available but then it may be shown in YouTube Studio. Right now (15 Apr 20) there's no option in YouTube Studio to turn streaming off. YouTube thinks that streaming may be stopped due to an error at your end and it might get resolved within couple of minutes, however it eventually ends the stream at a later time.

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