I wanted to transfer my YouTube channel subscriptions to another account. So I exported my channel subscriptions .XML file.

But now I can't find a way to import them to another channel.

  1. I have tried a git project-

I tried this project but Google shows not verified error

  1. There's a another project too but I am facing issues in Google developer console there When I run it shows error that can't find redirect url for client id

  2. Then I tried importing it too RSS Reader (Feebly). There it got imported as feed but I can't find a way to subscribe to channels from there.

So please help me with any of the 3 ways.

Also if I have posted points 1 and 2 in wrong stack exchange site then tell me where should I post it because I tried searching for a site but couldn't find one. I spent nearly 3 hours searching for site.

Please help me.

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    Welcome. The question needs more focus. (You might post a question for each way, but not the three ways in one question, you should include more details for each method as questions should be self contained, bear in mind that some ways might be off-topic on this site aren't about using using a web applications as it's defined on help center). – Rubén Apr 21 '20 at 22:30

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