For the past couple of days every time I view folders in my organization's Google Drive account I get the following popup message:

Do you want to allow “https://drive.google.com” to use up to 1.2 GB of storage on your Mac?

I can't find any information online regarding this type of popup message asking for local storage which is odd. So I can't determine if it is a Google setting or a Mac/Safari setting let alone why it is requesting 1.2 GB storage. Especially since it also says I'm only using 394 MB of storage.

I want to understand why it is asking this question so I can make an informed decision about accepting or rejecting the request. And make it stop regenerating the popup every time I load a page on Google Drive.

Any info is greatly appreciated!

Edit to add:

I'm in the decision-making process for my org acquiring G Suite and need to understand if it is caching org files on personal devices, and if so how they are protected on personal devices we don't control.


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I had a similar issue, continually being asked if 1.7 GB of hard drive space could be utilized. For what I did not know. And this was not Google Drive; just regular internet use. It turned out my cache of cookies in Safari was crowded (like 3700 websites). I cleared the cache and the problem went away.


I'm looking for a solution to this issue. For me it started when I was uploading files into google drive. I dragged files in and when it asked me if I wanted to let google use the memory I clicked yes. I was checking if the files made it in already and since I didn't see progress I dragged the files in again. I soon noticed that the 1st set up files were slowly being uploaded into the drive so when It asked me if I wanted to allow google to use that memory I always click "no" since I don't want duplicate files. Now every time I open google drive it asks me the same question. I'm trying to figure out how to get it to stop asking that.

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