I know there is a function to search a person's retweets but is there a step further where you can search for another party included in the retweet?

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Yes it is! However, it is a bit tricky and unstable. You'll have to do the following:

  1. Create a Twitter list and add to it the [retweeting_account]. Just this one!
  2. Construct the following search query: filter:nativeretweets list:[your_list_id] @[retweeted_acount]

So, for example, if you wish to see all the retweets @realDonaldTrump did for his wife Melania, the query should look like this:

filter:nativeretweets list:1336103232754618374 @FLOTUS

The only problem with this is that it seem to give results a week back, not more + it is somewhat unstable when used on really high traffic accounts.

In some cases the below variations seem to work while the above one doesn't:

filter:nativeretweets list:[your_list_id] link:[retweeted_acount]


filter:nativeretweets list:[your_list_id] from:[retweeted_acount]

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