Google My Maps functionality allows you to create your own maps to share. Unfortunately it has a lot of noisy labels which makes the maps hard to read. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/

Is there a way to turn the labels off before you send the link? Or even afterwards?

Here is my map and it seems the burger option isn't available


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Change the base map, "Simple Atlas" view displays nicely without other default labels.


It is a problem but I think that there is also an option here:


It is a Michelin Map service and you are able to select the style of map from 5 options. There is a drop down list to the right of the map image. In my case I wanted zero labels on the base map but didn't quite make that, it did however give me great start and all I had to do was manually remove the very few place names, half a dozen or so.

Hope this helps.

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