I am developing a streaming service, where people can access a live stream after they have payed. The payment solution is all good, but I need a way to show the live video stream. This is also already in place.

However, the problem is to find a video payer that supports Chromecast and Apple Tv casting (the web page is opened from a browser on the phone). I have looked at Vimeo, but the problem is that the feed can be shared when opened in the Vimeo app.

Is there a good solution to have a stream behind a payment wall, and at the same time support casting to Chromecast and Apple Tv?

[Edit] I am currently trying to use Video, and it look good for playing out using the html5 player, however, to support Chromecast, i need to enable the video to be visible on vimeo.com, and then it can also be shared outside the payment wall I have created.


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