The company needs to share certain documents.

GitHub is overkill; the marketing department don't want to learn about version control.

Sharing via Google Drive is so far for me an ugly experience. It's fine for sharing a file, but over time everything becomes a mess.

I could create a cloud LINUX box and get everyone (on mac) to use https://osxfuse.github.io/ which can mount a remote file system. But I don't really want the responsibility of maintaining an external server hosting critical files. I suppose I could try mounting it into a subfolder of my personal synced google-drive folder, in which case I would always have a backup. But this feels like over-engineering.

It's a tricky question to ask, as I'm aware that the answer might be an existing product, and product requests are generally frowned upon on SE. So I beg that if your answer is a product suggestion, please prefer to put it as a comment.

Useful links:
How can I share an entire Google Drive account's contents as a folder in another account's Drive?

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