I am inviting guests to my Google calendar event. Some of them have google accounts and some do not.

I am activating the reminders feature, which has two options: notification and email. If an invitee does not have a google account (i.e. not a user of google calendar) and I use the notification type of reminder, will that user get a notification by email or any other way? Does their response to the invite (yes,no,maybe) affect that?

How can ensure that non google users get reminders?

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  • (Sorry for my comment, but.......) Have you tried it? I mean. Make a test event (scheduled to run within the next 30min), set up a reminder, choose a couple of friends, send the reminders to both a Google account and a non Google one and see what happens. Classic way of de-bugging. When done, please post the results as an answer here so others can be helped as well. I also would love to know how it goes. :/ – marikamitsos May 1 '20 at 14:35

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