There's this Youtube video (well, a series of them, but that doesn't matter) I've watched, which contains a short segment with a snippet of some sort of semi-nonsense/semi-gibberish-sounding song (at the end of the video, but I don't think that matters so much either).

So, I want to try and identify that snippet. Is there some automated way of doing that? Failing that - what if I obtain that segment as a file on my disk? Is there some web-based mechanism for identifying audio snippets?

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For your mobile or desktop you can use an app like Shazam or SoundHound or midomi or Acrcloud. There are also some browser extensions/add-ons that work well.
Or even forums like Watzatsong.
Give it a try on Google search under "youtube song finder" or "hum that song" or "" or similar and you will find a few alternatives.

(I have personally use Acrcloud and it works miracles.)


So, to get to the point where you can apply @marikamitsos 's suggestions, you can still go quite a way online:

  1. Use https://www.y2mate.com/ to download the audio of the Youtube video clip, to a file (say, mp3; m4a is also supported).
  2. Use https://acutterpro.com/ to cut your mp3 to have just the snippet you're interested in.
  3. Now you've reduced your problem to that of identifying a complete segment of audio in a file. As @marikamitsos suggests - this can be done online at acrocloud, through this URL.

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