This post has asked a similar question, but I don't want to know if it IS possible (because I already know it is), but HOW is it possible. For example, you can go to this facebook link, which is a permalink to a public facebook post, and it contains a hyperlink that leads to https://www.google.com, for example.

When you type hyperlinks into Microsoft Word, and then paste it in a facebook post, it initially shows up as plain text while editing. However, after posting it suddenly becomes a working hyperlink. This does not seem to work when pasting hyperlinks copied from the web, for example.

How come a plain text becomes a working hyperlink? Is this method reproducible with other devices? Why Microsoft Word?



Today I realized that the instructions cited above don’t work anymore. Facebook must have updated its posts configuration, and where there was a named hyperlink, now there is a Markdownish structure like



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