I use G-Suite with gmail for my e-mail. I'd like to have a single button at the top of the mail page (like the archive and delete buttons) with which I can forward the e-mail without any further confirmation or other UX to my assistant and simultaneously archive it.

Is there a way to achieve that, and if so, how?

  • There is no built-in way for that. If you are looking for a software recommendation try Software Recommendations. – Rubén May 6 at 13:40
  • Is there also no plugin or scripting system that could allow to add this feature? – user1282931 May 6 at 15:30
  • Perhaps Tampermoney/Greasemonkey, maybe other web browser extensions. You could use Google Apps Script to create a Gmail add-on (but not to add "a single button at the topo of the email page"). If you will build your own user defined function / bookmarklet / web browser extension you might need Gmail API. – Rubén May 6 at 17:30
  • Related How to inject code into Gmail – Rubén May 7 at 0:08

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