I'm trying to share photos to a friend's timeline and/or wall. This person wants me to post and is not intentionally hiding the posts. After posting, the post title is:

MY_NAME added a new photo to X's timeline.

After posting on their wall, the privacy icon shows the icon for multiple people and on hover says:

Shared with: X's friends of friends

I would expect the person's friends, at least, to be able to see this post on their wall.

But after posting, the post only receives Likes/Comments from people who are mutual friends of myself and the wall owner.

So a small number of people, all my friends, are able to Like and Comment on the post. But seemingly none of the wall owner's friends who are not my friends can see the post. (This person gets many interactions on all of their posts, so it's definitely not being seen.)

Some of my photos have gotten only, say, 5 likes. They have then "Shared" the post to their own wall. In my view, these posts appear twice and duplicated on their timeline. But the 2nd "shared" version of the post immediately gets like/comments from their non-mutual friends. So something is clearly preventing the first post from being seen.

They have definitely not blocked or hidden or restricted me, although they may have some kind of setting that applies to any/all posts to their wall. They do not know why their friends cannot see the post.

My Facebook privacy settings are generally heavily restricted, so it could be a problem on my end. Although I'm not sure which setting would control this. I would think, by posting on their wall, it would use their privacy settings.

The entire point of posting on their wall is so that their friends see the photos.

It says "Shared with: X's friends of friends". Why are X's friends not seeing the post?

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