I am wondering if it is possible to add an index that references specific heading types on a LinkedIn article.

Let's say that I have an article with the following structure:

A bit about me (Heading 1)

About (Heading 2)

Projects (Heading 2)

Services (Heading 2)

And I want to create an in-article index, that allows me to reference headings 1 and 2, and, by pressing, for example, 1. About, it would take me to that specific part of the article.


Unfortunately that feature is not available at this point of time.

Just received a message from a LinkedIn Moderator:

Thank you for asking this on the forum. We do not have this feature at this point of time. However, I will surely pass this message on to our internal team as feedback.

When many of our members ask for the same improvement, we try our best to get it done. However, due to the large number of suggestions we receive, we can't provide a timeline. You can also keep up with the latest product news and enhancements on our official blog http://blog.linkedin.com for additional feature updates and fixes. It's our way of keeping you informed on all the exciting work we're doing behind the scenes.

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