I want to automatically create a text depending on what the other columns shows.
For example, if in A1 there is "Service", then G1='1'.
And if in B1 there is "True", then G1 = "11" (as in '1' + '1').

I hope this is understandable...

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You can try this in G1:


It checks for Service with regexmatch as a condition
If true > 1
If false > nothing
Same idea with Truethen it concatenates the two values with &

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You mention:

...automatically create a text...
...if in A1 there is "Service", then G1='1'. And if in B1 there is "True", then G1 = "11" (as in '1' + '1')

You do not clarify what the result should be when A1 is not "Service".

So assuming that "if A1 is not Service" you only want A1 returned, you could use


Of course you can change -asd to whatever you like. Your result would be 1-asd or 1ABX or even 11, 1342 etc.
(You have to remember though that a result like 11 or 1324 will look like a number but will actually be text)

Functions used:

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