Bit of a weird request but I am trying to use google sheets filter function to filter data in one tab based on criteria in another.

I have 2 different dishes called A & B that have the same list of ingredients x,y,z,... In each dish we have different products A_2 & A_1. I want the filter to populate the same list of ingredients twice for A_2 & A_1. See example spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IjprF0yeBLFNC7M0VXyoRWNP9rmTr1qyson_1LnCWew/edit?usp=sharing

It is not an option to populate the 'ingredient list' tab by product type rather than dish type as we have many dishes so this adds multiple product entries. Maybe there's a way with count? e.g. if count = 2 then return all ingredients twice

I hope that makes sense thanks!

  • With respect, your spreadsheet is confusing - it includes work with someone else (that's okay) but there is data all over the place, no headings, and its not clear what elements are part of your scenario and which are part of an attempted solution. You refer to different products "A_2 & A_1" but, again, these appear in several different places and it is not clear which is the "real" data and which is some work-in-progress. Would you please edit you spreadsheet to show just the data relating to your question. Would you also edit your spreadsheet to include an example of a successful outcome. – Tedinoz May 16 at 1:04

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