Is it possible to rotate a video in the new Youtube Studio even after Google removed the "Classic Studio" button?


There is however a workaround to rotate a video in the new Youtube Studio (even after the Classic Editor button was removed by Google). It is a bit tricky and I don't know how long it will work.

Here is the way to do it:

  • Open new Youtube Studio and select the video to edit.
  • Note down/copy the video-id of your video to rotate.
  • Create a url with your video-id as follows:
  • Open that url in a new tab.
  • The old enhance edit window appears (which was part of the classic studio)
  • However, you will only see a Trim button.
  • Right click the trim button and select inspect
  • Select the line below the highlighted one in the inspect window. It should be something like:
<div class="enhance-effect" 
id="enhance-rotate-buttons" hidden="true">
  • In that line: highlight hidden="true" and delete it and hit return.
  • Now you will see the rotate left/right buttons again.
  • Rotate your video and click Save or Save as new video.

This may take some time. Done :-)


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