I have about 50 separate websites.

Instead of switching between Google Analytics property views for 30 minutes, is there a way I can see those propertys' vital stats in a table in a Google Sheet?

Help appreciated.


You can try a script calling the API.

But the easiest way in my opinion is to install the Google Analytics Add-on link here

Access all of your Google Analytics data in Google Spreadsheets.
The Google Analytics spreadsheet add-on brings you the power of the Google Analytics API combined with the power of data manipulation in Google Spreadsheets. With this tool, you can:

  • Query data from multiple views (profiles).
  • Create custom calculations from your report data.
  • Create dashboards with embedded data visualizations.
  • Schedule reports to run automatically so your data is always current.
  • Easily control who can see these data and visualizations by leveraging Google Spreadsheet’s existing sharing and privacy features.

More here with common use cases : https://developers.google.com/analytics/solutions/google-analytics-spreadsheet-add-on

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