When I create a filter in Google sheets, I want the range to automatically expand as I add/populate new rows. Sometimes, this works fine:

Gif of range auto-expanding

When I have a column using “Checkbox” data validation (required for my project), the range never auto-expands:

Gif of range not auto-expanding

My goal is to auto-expand the range whenever a new row is populated (also acceptable: auto-expand the range when a new row is first added) even when checkbox data validation is present.

I suspect I can accomplish this through a simple script, but I want to better understand the expected behavior. What is the logic for when the filter range auto-expands and when it doesn’t? I’ve searched the web but haven’t found a clear answer.


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This bothered me too. The trick is to not use "Add N more rows at the bottom" but rather, ensure that your ranges include an empty row at the end and always insert rows above it. Rows added inside a range are added to the range, rows added outside aren't. Obvious when you think about it and not really a problem unless you want to add lots of rows.

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