I'm new here and struggling a bit with the javascript in macros. I just need a steer as to how to get a macro to copy from a range relative to an active cell.

I'm a showcaller, that is, during live events I tell technicians when to play videos or music or to change lights etc.

I use a Google Sheet for my running order and each line contains the various cues - actions that technicians must take, like 'play Video 1' - separated into columns for the different departments: Lights, Sound, Video and so on.

I want to gather the cues for different departments as text in a Note in a single cell. I can then edit the text to write my standbys - the warnings of upcoming cues - and read them from the Note during the event.

So I am trying to make a macro to take the contents of the cells in a relative range and paste them together as text in a Note in a single cell.

I've tried recording a macro and using cut-and-paste to select a range and put it into a Note on the active cell. However this only placed the contents of the clipboard into the Note as text - it didn't do the cut-and-paste as part of the recorded actions in the macro.

I'm happy to do the work to write it - can anyone help me, please, with the correct way to have the macro copy and paste from a relative range. Thank you.


The Google Sheets macro recorder has several limitations. I suggest you to write your script directly on the Google Apps Script editor. Then you could import it as a macro.

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