I'm trying to learn IMPORTXML/IMPORTHTML in Google sheets by getting some share price quotes (from here) into a spreadsheet. After reading a bit and some trial and error I believe something along the lines of

=IMPORTXML("https://www.oslobors.no/markedsaktivitet/#/list/shares/quotelist/ose/PCC/all/false"; "td class")

ought to do the trick, but every which way I try it I bang my head against a "content cannot be parsed" wall.

The bit of script I'm importing from looks like this:

td class="number LASTNZ_DIV" data-header="Siste" data-reactid=".1.1.$generators_0__AURG_OSE.6">180,00 /td

The value I want returned is 180,00 but obviously that's a dynamic number. Any guidance towards what's going wrong and how to correct it would be most welcome.

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