I want to add all search results to a playlist in youtube. The quickest way to do this seems to click the "watch later" icon on every video (1 click). Adding each video to an individual playlist is much slower (4 clicks)

However I want to create individual playlists for different searches, so I want to move all videos from the "watch later" playlist to a new one (simultaneously), so I can keep a structure.


Heres one tutorial Does it work? http://www.art4software.com/2014/09/youtube-api-how-to-copy-the-watchlater-list/


Short answer:

  1. Go to Watch Later list with Advanced settings
  2. 3 Dots Menu in top right > "Add all to" > Choose your destination playlist.
  3. Ensure it's done by visiting the detination playlist and then proceed to Delete your current 'Watch Later' to add new set of videos to it.

Long Answer: (with additional old and hopefully still working method)

I originally meant to follow this guide from 2018 by nouyang. But at the point where it says to "Finally, go to your “watch later” playlist" it redirects to this regular Watch Later link, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=WL This is also the URL available for "Watch Later" in your YouTube's left panel. (The panel you get by going to harburger menu in the top left).

Unfortunately, if one is to access their Watch Later via this URL, they won't find the '3 dot' to choose the "Add all to" option, which is important in moving videos from Watch Later to a playlist.
So, i was planning to follow this lengthy but resourceful guide from 2014 involving YouTube API, which also happens to be suggested by @Kangaroo here.

Thankfully, i was taken aback by the lengthy process and with some thinking & trial and error, i discovered this Watch Later URL with advanced settings which includes the beloved "Add all to" option: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=WL&advanced_settings=1&disable_polymer=1


The best (read: only) way I've found to add all my "watch later" videos to a new playlist is within the mobile app (I'm on an Android phone, but probably works for iPhone too). It requires a smartphone and some device you can "cast" to.

  1. Play your "watch later playlist"
  2. Cast to a some device (chromecast, smart tv, roku, smart display, etc.)
  3. Pull up the video queue
  4. Tap the plus icon in the top right beneath the video playing and make a new playlist

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