|    Date    |  Col1   |  Col2   |
| 2018-01-01 | Value 1 | Value 1 |
| 2018-01-01 | Value 2 | Value 2 |
| 2018-01-01 | Value 3 | Value 3 |

I want to autofill Date column's cell with current date, when any of the Col1 and Col2 is filled in that row.

How can I do that, Is there any formula or need to write script ?

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    No need for a script. Please check the answer below. – marikamitsos May 22 at 3:53

You could use this formula


and then give the desired date format to the results from the menu.
(Please adjust ranges to your needs)

enter image description here

Functions used:

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  • I got this error Circular dependency detected. To resolve with iterative calculation, see File > Spreadsheet Settings, and also could you please explain the ranges - Why multiple W10:W13 and X10:X13 – Sameer Khan May 22 at 4:08
  • Let assume that I want to fill A:1 when any of the cell from range B:1 to D:1 is filled, What will be the range in arrayformula – Sameer Khan May 22 at 4:10
  • Please have a look at the sreenshot. – marikamitsos May 22 at 4:13
  • Thanks It worked – Sameer Khan May 22 at 4:21

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