I have some cells with text. I need to count the occurrences of a specific word (not a list) from those cells.

Example sheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WECDbepLtZNwNfUmjxfKlCbLJgjyUBB72yvWDMzDBB0/edit?usp=sharing

So far I found one way to count it in English by using SUBSTITUTE to replace all these words with "":


However, I don't know why but it doesn't work in German.

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I just realized that you have cross-posted on both sites.
I also realized that there is a much simpler case insensitive formula for your needs


OR (if in cell A7 we have *HeRo*)


If you want just the word Hero, remove the asterisks * around it.

It also works for German or any language.

Original answer

In your sheet you mention that the count should be 14.
Considering that, I believe you are looking for a solution to also include words like heroes or Hero

If you want to include variations of hero, like Hero or Heroes you can use:

     B1:B3,"(([H|h]ero).[a-z]\b)|([H|h]ero)"," @ ♜ "))),char(10))), " "), "♜")

If on the other hand want just the word Hero or just some cell value you can omit part of the regex "(([H|h]ero).[a-z]\b)|([H|h]ero)" which would now be

"([H|h]ero)" or just A7 turning the cell depending formula to

=COUNTIF(SPLIT(JOIN(" ", SPLIT(CONCATENATE(ArrayFormula(REGEXREPLACE(B1:B3,A7," @ ♜ "))),char(10))), " "), "♜")

Functions used:

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