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If a recipe is checked, I want the formula for the conditional formatting to be looking for a recipe match (of all of the recipes checked (for which rows column C is True)) in D3:G7 and highlight certain cells if a match occurs.

The highlighted cells should be:

  • The cell in the row where the match was found in column A.
  • The cells where the match was found.

I have tried for hours and got familiar with a lot of new functions while working on my sheet but I just keep getting overwhelmed and find myself at a dead end on this specific task.

Would very much appreciate your help!

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Finally, after literally 8+ hours of trying around, I found a solution.

First I filter all the Recipes that are checked with in cell I3


Then I use 2 conditional formatting formulas:

Forumla for A1:A


Formula for D3:G7


For anyone wondering, I use AND to include a second rule (D3<>"") to exclude blank cells from highlighting.

Can't believe it was so easy..

This is how it looks now: enter image description here

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