I am trying to calculate a percentage of two columns and I know how to do that, but I do not want it to include the blank cell in the response. How do I go about that?

Currently, my formula looks like =DIVIDE(SUM(J:J),SUM(E:E))

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    Welcome to Web Applications! What do you mean by 'blank cell in the response'? The SUM will just skip it. Can you perhaps share an example sheet, or put some data here and the requested output? – Glorfindel May 23 at 15:41
  • I added a picture to my post. I am trying to get it so column J/ column E give me a percent. Right now with the data imputed the % should be 100. – Katie May 23 at 16:03
  • Hmm ... I still don't get it. There are many values in column E, but you want to skip them because the corresponding value in column J is 'blank' (or 0), so all that's left is J2 and E2, both are 1 so the result is 1/1 = 100%? – Glorfindel May 23 at 16:07

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