I would like to find the best solution to rent a server to host a personal website running Django. It'd be better if it runs on Linux and other than that, the only thing as I said is that it will be a Django website. Traffic should be low as it will only host showcase projects, as in other CV-looking websites you may have encountered.

I know nothing about server/hosting services, but I know how to host on a home server though.

I looked in AWS but man... Too many offers, pricing is really shady. I can be down with it but for now I don't really understand.

Some of you must have dealt with this situation, I'd like to have your opinion. What would be my best option ?

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You could get away with a free instance on AWS which is going to let you run python which you will need for django.

Some other affordable hosts for a project on django worth considering are:

Of all of them I am usually on AWS but yes, it does get expensive if you are not careful.

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For what you've described you need a VPS(Virtual Private Server), shared hosting won't work for you since it won't give you full access to install any framework or stack you'd perfer. Private cloud and dedicated hosting both are an overkill for your needs.

Scaleway is the cheapest and best value for money paid and uses NVMe disk which write at much faster speeds than SSD disks.

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