That is, what regexes do I place in these two boxes enter image description here

I have read Syntax for Unicode characters in regexes in Google Sheets? to no avail.

I found from one answer that [\n] matches paragraph mark. Now all I need is the character for Shift+Enter.


Try [^\S\n\t ]

  • \S matches any non-white character
  • \n matches a paragraph mark
  • \t matches a tab
  •  matches a white space
  • [^] means not so [^\S\n\t ] matches any character that is not non-white character, is not a paragraph mark, is not a tab character and is not any a blank space.



I think what you are looking for is CHAR(10)

As an example:

=Join(CHAR(10),"Line", "New line")

CHAR(10) new line

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    I'm looking for the regexes for replacement in Google Docs. – zylstra Jun 3 '20 at 3:52

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