I am familiar with the =AVERAGE.WEIGHTED function in Google Sheets, but I'm wondering if there's a way to add an IF in there, like =AVERAGEIF. I have a baseball spreadsheet, with the following columns:

Column A - Player Name, Column B - Team, Column C - Innings Played, Column D - Batting Average

Basically, I want a weighted average of batting averages of all players on certain team, using innings played as the weights. If I used =AVERAGE.WEIGHTED(D:D, C:C), I would get a nice weighted average of all batting averages with innings played as the weights, but I only want to include players who have a Team of Yankees. How could I go about this?

Thanks in advance!

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=SUMPRODUCT(--(B:B=Team);D:D;C:C)/SUMIF(B:B;TEAM;C:C) worked for my problem.


I actually found one way to accomplish this! I added a Column E which is Innings Played multiplied by Batting Average (Column C * Column D). Then, I can use a =SUMIF to sum results in column E if Column B shows a certain team, and divide that by another =SUMIF that sums Column C if Column B shows that same team. =SUMIF(B:B, "Yankees", E:E)/SUMIF(B:B, "Yankees", C:C). Just wanted to post this answer in case anyone else is looking for the same thing!


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