On one sheet I have a name populating by a Data Variation from SHEET 2 and I would like the line below it to populate with some corresponding information in the cell next to it.

SHEET 1: IF ROW 11 = "Data Variation"

Then it will choose the corresponding cell to the right of the Data Variation information on SHEET 2, put it in ROW 12 and also populate ROW 14 with the NUMBER on SHEET 2.

So for example:

  • ROW 11 I will use the drop down to choose TRUCK.
  • It will then populate ROW 12 with the CORRESPONDING GREEN.
  • Then in ROW 14 it will get 2000.

This maybe something straight forward, but I really only know the basics of this stuff.

So thank you in advance!

enter image description here

  • You only know the basics, but this question only needs the basics. Better to point you in the riught direction than give you an answer from which you will learn nothing. In cell B11 Create an in-cell dropdown list using "Data Validation" from the range 'Sheet2!A4:A6'. In cell B12, use VLookup to search the value in cell B11, and return the matching value from the third column on sheet2. The formula is "=vlookup(B11,Sheet2!A4:D6,3,false)". Cell B13 uses the same method except that it returns the value in the fourth column. – Tedinoz Jun 7 '20 at 1:30

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