TikTok downloads videos into the DCIM camera folder - the same folder that the default Camera app saves your own photos/videos in. It's an absurd choice by TikTok to store downloaded videos in your camera folder.

And since I have Google Photos automatically back up all my Camera photos/videos, it ends up backing up TikTok videos as well.

TikTok doesn't allow changing its default folder to save downloaded files in.

And Google Photos doesn't allow not syncing the default camera folder.

It seems I'm locked in with having to involuntarlity back up TikTok videos, should I chose to download them, to Google Photos.

Is there any way I can:

  • Prevent Google Photos from backing up TikTok downloaded videos?

  • Remove previously (or future) backed up TikTok videos from Google Photos?

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When in the Google Photos app, you can search specifically for videos in a separate category within the Search screen. Once in there, you can find further filters at the top. One of them is "Screen Recordings". All of my downloaded TikToks were stored there, along with the few actual screen recordings I took.

While it's not a full wipe of only TikTok downloads, I found it to be a close enough solution.

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