I replied to an ad on craigslist. I used my Gmail account to send it to the anonymized craigslist e-mail.

The receiver must have seen my real email address because he knew my name even though I didn't include it in the message.

I thought when sending an e-mail to an anonymized Craigslist e-mail address, the sender's e-mail gets anonymized too?


Your email is anonymized as a seller responding to a Craigslist email, but the name field is not.

PLEASE NOTE: The “real name” field (e.g. Jane Doe) in your email program is passed through to the recipient. Any contact information in the body of your message will pass through unaltered.


and in the FAQ:

Q: How did the poster find out my real name?
A: The “real name” field your email program provides is passed through to the recipient.

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