I like to share review/recommendations on books I read and other activities via "Feeling/Activity" post option.

Problem is sometimes there is no entry for the book I read (or other activities). Here for example I would like to share that I am reading book "Mimi a Liza 2", but there is no entry for it.

Set activity - reading a book "Mimi a Liza 2"

There is no option to add new book and activity will not add unless I select from the given list. I did not find any "Add activity" or "Add book" options.

When I add whole name of book, posting button is still disabled, and when I add status text it will allow me to post, but result is without activity part:

Added whole name of book to post

Created post, without activity section

Is it possible to add activities that Facebook cannot find?

  • What did happen if you write "Mimi a Liza 2" and save it instead of selecting from options? Is it not letting you to write there? – serenesat Jun 20 '20 at 6:48
  • @serenesat nothing happens - empty post cannot be added and non empty post will be posted withou activity. I updated question with this test. – Piro says Reinstate Monica Jun 20 '20 at 9:02

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