Startpage has been acting really strangely as of late and their support team is no help. The problem started on one random day when I opened the site and did a web search. For some reason instead of the usual look for the search results the blue search term was huge,the green url was above it instead of below it, and there was too much space in between the different results. I tried clearing my cache and that didn't help. I ran a few virus and malware scans and they came back clean. Then I tried reloading the page several times in a row and eventually the results page showed up the way it used to. Confused, I contacted support about it and they pretty much told me "it's not you. We're doing something so that's just going to happen sometimes for a while." I went about it like that for a good long time, just reloading the page whenever it displayed the larger text results, sometimes a hundred times, until it displayed the correct way. It was incredibly irritating to have to go through 99% of the time I searched something but now I wouldn't even mind.

The problem got worse a few days ago. Now, regardless of how many times I reload the page, the look of the results remains that hideous large text version. I sat there just reloading the page for thirty minutes strait and it never went back to normal. I can't use the website like this. It's an eyesore. And a very poor use of the space available. I've been using DuckDuckGo instead but it's really not as good as Startpage was. I don't want to abandon Startpage but I have no idea how long "a while" is so I don't know when, or if, this nonsense will finally be over and the site will be normal again. Support can't even provide a time frame. I need a way, preferably a script for Grease Monkey/Tamper Monkey/Violent Monkey that will run automatically on the page, that will make the web search results look how they used to.

The New appearance is on the left in the following image. The Old appearance and appearance I prefer is on the right in the following image. Startpage Appearances

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