I use web interface of Gmail and I would like to delete a conversation by pressing the DEL key on my keyboard. By default the delete shortcut is #.

I found the Keyboard Shortcuts section in Gmail settings. I know how to map this delete feature to any key except the DEL key. I tried to type DEL in the Custom keyboard shortcut section but it doesn't work.

Anyone knows how to do? Maybe DEL key cannot be mapped with a shortcut but I found no information about that.


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Stack Exchange is removing the symbol when posting. It's working for me. I looked up the ASCII no. for delete, it's 127, then used an ASCII number to char converter to obtain the symbol.


This extension worked for me: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/delete-key-for-gmail/alpohlaboohebmblbmanccbepncahbda

With the following settings: https://cmp.onl/tbu6

Note that it only seems to work while the e-mail is open - eg. NOT in list view. But, I suspect the extension could be modified to support list view - you could contact the developer via the Support section on the extension page if that is a feature you need.


I also have this frustration with gmail.
I have multiple email's Hotmail Yahoo gmail and a few others.

All except for gmail. Support your typing 'Del' on your desktop computers keyboard.
The gmail staff, seem to think that it's normal to delete emails with shift+5 (# symbol). Yet I go to my main email (hotmail) and open a message and hit the 'del' key on my physical keyboard (the world seems to think that everything needs to be on cell/mobile phone). Guess what. The Hotmail, actually deletes the email with me hitting the 'delete' key. Who'd have thunk that it would be such a concept to have the delete key, i dunno.... DELETE.
I then tried the Chrome extension 'delete-key-for-gmail'. All that this thing does is give you the option to take two keybindings and change it from say 'shift+5' to 'shift+1-0' on your numberpad on your keyboard.
It does NOT, allow you to change it to the 'delete' key.

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