When using the Jira issue tracker, I'm mostly viewing tickets.

I often want to click on items in the text, or select words. I rarely want to edit a ticket.

But when I click in any Jira field, that field is transformed into an "edit mode":

Initial state:

initial state

If you hover your mouse over the description area, it turns on a hover state:

hover state

If you click in the description area, an edit mode is activated:

click state

This is incredibly annoying, as it breaks all the common ways I select text. It's also easy to accidentally edit a ticket when you really only mean to read it or select text.

How can I prevent this from happening? I want to click on text and to select it, NOT edit that text.

How can I turn off this inline editing mode? Preferably on a per-user basis.


You need to disable the permission of edit Summary and Description of the Jira field. But if you are a non-admin user you will not be able to perform this action. You need to contact to admin of the project.

See documentation of Modifying field behavior from Administering Jira applications Support page to learn more.

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