I am trying to create about 50 cells that have number combinations which look like variations of this:


I am using a RANDBETWEEN function to generate three pairs of numbers (e.g. =RANDBETWEEN(0,59) in cells A1, B1, and C1, and then using CONCATENATE (e.g. =CONCATENATE(A1, ":", B1, ":", C1) ) to put them together in another cell. I've tried a number of different methods (including Plain Text formatting on the RANDBETWEEN cells, pasting values only into a different column and using those values, wrapping parts of the formula with a TEXT function, custom formatting with 00:00:00 on the CONCATENATE cells, etc.), but my resulting cells are not retaining the leading zeros. They end up looking like this:


If you're wondering why I'm trying to do this, I'm a product designer and I need to make some realistic looking timestamps for a mockup. Anyone know how to solve this? Maybe I'm overcomplicating things somehow and there's a much easier way?

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I was overthinking it. I'm able to achieve my goal with this method instead:

  1. Create a cell (A1) with this formula: =RANDBETWEEN(1000,30000)
  2. Create another cell (B1) with this formula: =A1/86400
  3. Set the format for B1 to "Duration". Result reads in a 0:00:00 format.

Thanks to this article and this question/answer for setting me straight.


I know this was sorted out already, but here what I came up with. I had a bunch of emails that needed to be formed by concatenating with the domain names. All mail codes are three digits based and some of them had leading zero, like this [email protected] I had the following expression that works for me:


Hope this will help.

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