diagrams.net (formerly known as draw.io) integrates with GitLab. However, when I try to authenticate, it redirects me to gitlab.com when I'd like to connect to a self-hosted GitLab instance at company.gitlab.com. How do I tell diagrams.net to authenticate to my self-hosted GitLab instance instead?

  • A year has passed. Have you found a solution for your problem?
    – OneWorld
    Aug 25, 2021 at 8:51

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You can only do that with a self-hosted draw.io instance. You also need to have your gitlab admin configure an application first.

In short:

  1. Add application to gitlab.company.com. The REDIRECT_URI would be something like https://drawio.company.com/gitlab.html (the gitlab.html is important)
  2. The Application ID needs to go to draw.io conf file as window.DRAWIO_GITLAB_ID
  3. In the same config set window.DRAWIO_GITLAB_URL to your gitlab instance, like https://gitlab.company.com
  4. The secret token from gitlab is not required.

If you run your self-hosted draw.io in docker, you can pass the configuration as env vars. In this case omit the window. part

  • Hi @Mike Hofmann, I followed your instructions but it's not working, it redirects to gitlab instead of .html and if I add .html after it redirects, it doesn't do anything Aug 20, 2021 at 12:17

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