I have a 2 tasks that I would like to keep track of my progress in Google Sheets with a percentage bar chart.

Google Charts is not allowing me to separate the data into two series. They have the same color. I'd like to color them differently. How can I accomplish that? Further, I'd like for 100% to show up for the last tick mark. I added 1 for the max value, but that only increased the scale and did not place a tick mark.

How do I color the series differently (both data points are called 'Bar 1')?

How do I add '100%' as a tick mark?

The data range is S1:U2. There is nothing in the S column.

Here's a snapshot of my chart and the data in google sheets. enter image description here

  • Welcome to Web Applications. The question needs more focus (it has two questions). Please narrow the scope of your question (remove one question, considere to post it as an new question) and add a brief description of your search/research efforts as is suggested in How to Ask. – Rubén Jun 18 '20 at 5:56

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