I always been wondering how Facebook engineers update the web interface for different users.

I always found the changes in the web interface very inconsistent: why do some users get some reactions (enter image description here, enter image description here, etc) before others and why do some other users get it removed before others?

The same can be said for the new dark theme, for some reason i always get the reactions very late in their life cycle, while (AFAIK) i got the dark theme feature before a lot of my friends.

Some other times, though, I notice I don't get these feature at all (e.g. i never got the enter image description here reaction).

I'm sure I'm not the only one that can observe this behaviour since at the time I'm writing the care reaction has been removed for a lot of people while I still maintain it in my interface.

Also, I'm sure this is not something related to your localization and it is done on a user-id basis.

My question is: Is this inconsistency derived from the distribute nature of Facebook data center? Is it something done on purpose depending on the user preferences?

Any insight will be very appreciated.

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