I need some help/advice on which telemetry settings to enable/disable in Office365 and registry to maintain a reasonable level of privacy while not breaking functionality. I am not a security/privacy expert but I do know that since Office365 is more cloud based, turning off telemetry settings may reduce functionality and I don't want that. Just basic privacy.

  1. Send personal information to Microsoft to make improvements to Office.

In Office 2016, you could disable sending personal information to Microsoft by unchecking the option in File - Options - Trust Center - Trust Center Settings - Privacy Options but is missing in Office 365. What happened to this setting? Should I disable through registry editor or group policy editor?

  1. Send Office Feedback (a.k.a. Send a Smile) regarding positive/negative experiences when using Office along with a desktop screenshot. Any harm in disabling?

  2. Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) -- What is it? It seems like it isn't relevant to new versions of Office. If it is, should it be disabled?

  3. Office Telemetry Dashboard and Office Telemetry Log -- What is this for? Brief reading suggests they are relevant only for organizations. Are they important for individual users? Are they enabled by default or should be disabled?

  4. Is there any need to enable File Obfuscation?

  5. Anything else that should be disabled?

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