I have got a domain name that has been registered. I have all the emails getting forwarded to a gmail account.

So when someone sends me an email using anything@domain.com it ends up in my gmail email.

Now I want to send email from this domain. - When I go to settings > all settings > Accounts > Send Email as

I have to put in smtp settings... what should I enter here? - A few years ago, I remember gmail would send a verification email, and it would send that email to the new email address you want to set up (that would end up in the gmail account) then you click the link and you can now send email as that email address.

I don't seem to see that in gmail at the moment, I have to enter SMTP settings...

Any ideas?

  • You may want to look into G Suite. It gives Google control over the domain's mail and basically lets you use your own domain with Gmail and Google's other services without the need for forwarding email. It does cost $6/mo per user, though. If you were to use the "send as" that's built into Gmail, you would see "<gmail account> on behalf of <custom domain account>" as the sender, which can look suspicious or unprofessional to those you are sending emails to. – Sam Forbis Jun 21 '20 at 22:58

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